Books written by Pastor Jeremy Walker & Pastor Austin Walker to encourage and instruct the body of Christ.

What is Repentance?

The spirit of our age encourages us not to feel bad about ourselves and to build up our self-esteem. Yet to become a Christian and then to maintain a healthy Christian life, we must practice repentance—acknowledging with sorrow our sin and yearning for holiness and increased obedience to God’s will. In this pamphlet, Jeremy Walker explains from the Scriptures what it means to repent by turning from our sin and turning to God. He provides biblical portraits of repentance and practical steps toward developing this important characteristic in our lives.

Passing Through

As twenty-first-century Christians, we must relate to the world, but the question is, how do we relate to it? Some Christians are scared, others are simply bewildered, and still others capitulate to the spirit of the age. In Passing Through: Pilgrim Life in the Wilderness, Pastor Jeremy Walker presents the biblical perspective that Christians are pilgrims passing through this fallen world who must cultivate the spirit of holy separation alongside holy engagement as they serve Christ in all their interactions. Unless we embrace this identity, we will lose our way. Reminding us that we need “the Word of God as our map and the Spirit of Christ as our compass,” here are principles for holy engagement with the world and separation from it for pilgrims on their way home, seeking to glorify the God of their salvation every step of the way.

Anchored in Grace

The Bible delights to reveal the riches of God’s mercy in Christ Jesus toward sinners, to display his grace to the praise of his glory. These are the very realities upon which redemption hangs. When our expectation and enjoyment of salvation are not anchored in grace, God is robbed of his glory and we are deprived of hope, comfort, and happiness. Christians therefore need to grasp what the Bible says about these things. We need to know these sweet and substantial strands of revelation – to delve into, to delight in, and then to declare the exceeding riches of God’s grace in his kindness toward us in Christ. We need to learn and to love these bedrock truths in which spiritual life is grounded, the health of our souls is fostered, genuine humility is developed, and eager service is established.

Life in Christ

This book traces the trajectory of the Christian’s experience of God’s grace in Christ Jesus, considering the privilege and blessing of being a true disciple of the Lord. Confusion or error in these matters can dishonour God, undermine a Christian’s health, unsettle the church, and hold back the progress of the truth. Eternal life begins in Christ Jesus, and Christians need to consider the many-sided jewel of redemption to be both enlightened and enlivened with regard to our identity as new creatures in Christ Jesus. When we better understand and appreciate our life in Christ it will draw out our hearts toward God in Christ in thankfulness and love for his many mercies toward us.

The New Calvinism Considered

The new Calvinism – another label for those often called ‘young, restless and Reformed’ – is a relatively new, somewhat nebulous, but widespread phenomenon, primarily in Western evangelicalism but spreading in influence across the globe. What are we to make of it? What healthy contributions does it make? What potentially dangerous elements might it contain? Here is an even-handed, pastoral assessment of the new Calvinism, evaluating the movement as a whole and offering encouragements and warnings as appropriate. This fair and careful appraisal gives insight and direction for those seeking to understand, appreciate, and respond to the new Calvinism in its many shapes and colours.

The Brokenhearted Evangelist

Many Christians today affirm biblical truth regarding evangelism and mission, but we cannot pretend that we know and believe the truth about men, souls, heaven, hell, and salvation unless it is making a difference in the way we think, feel, pray, speak, and act. How do Christians develop this sense of urgency? What motivates our evangelism? We need the character of the brokenhearted evangelist, recognizing the greatness of our own sin, looking to God for forgiveness, and recognizing our obligation to teach transgressors God’s ways. This book urges Christians to exercise that privilege, providing spiritual truth and practical guidance for carrying out this necessary gospel duty.

A Portrait of Paul

What does a true pastor look like, and what constitutes a faithful ministry? How can we identify the life and labors of one called by God to serve in the church of Jesus Christ? What can we expect of such a man? To address these questions, Rob Ventura and Jeremy Walker examine how the apostle Paul describes his pastoral relation to the people of God in Colossians 1:24–2:5. By discussing these essential attitudes, qualities, and characteristics of a faithful minister of Christ, A Portrait of Paul provides gospel ministers an example of what they should be, and demonstrates for churches the kind of pastors they will seek if they desire men after God’s own heart.

Caring for Widows

Highlighting the Bible’s recurring commands to care for widows with sensitivity and compassion, this book encourages church leaders to think carefully about how to serve the widows in their congregations and suggests practical strategies to that end. In part 1, the authors summarize the Bible’s consistent teaching regarding the care of widows. In part 2, the authors offer hands-on counseling and a host of practical suggestions related to ensuring that widows receive the support and encouragement they need to thrive in the church.

The Excellent Benjamin Keach (2nd edition)

A study of the life and thought of Benjamin Keach (1640-1704), one of the most important Baptist thinkers of his day. Keach’s fame is usually based on his sufferings as a twenty-four year old preacher when he was pilloried in his native Buckinghamshire in 1664, and his introduction of hymn singing into congregational worship in the latter part of the seventeenth century. Keach’s significance far exceeds these two items. Drawing on almost all of Keach’s available writings and exploring the ministry and character of this man of God, it is evident why the term “excellent” may be justly applied to his name.

God’s Care for the Widow

This book is written for widows to comfort them in their various troubles. Throughout the Bible God makes himself known as the one who defends, comforts and provides for the widow. From the days of Moses and the prophets, to the time of the Lord Jesus Christ and the early church, widows have been the object of his fatherly care. Written under the conviction that the church of Christ is responsible for relieving the distress of widows this book seeks to draw out God's wisdom for the widow. Naomi, Ruth, the widows of Zarephath and Nain, the Jerusalem widows, and Mary, the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ are among those considered.